British Heritage

Another way my beady eye / magpie tendencies are put to good use is with a joint vintage-venture with my ‘other half’.

We both love looking out for second hand clothes we like when we are out & about, but our wardrobes can only take so much! So we decided to buy all of the pieces we liked, and then sell them on at markets and pop up events.

Thus ‘ d’Burgin Fox Vintage ‘ was born.  Our range is essentially clothes we would wear ourselves, but we started to realise that we were both drawn to pieces / brands with a strong British Heritage.  For Fox it was the likes of Fred Perry, Ben Sherman and Lyle & Scott and for me it was lace blouses, tweed skirts, Jaegar, and good old M&S!

One of my favourite items is a long Jaegar pleated skirt, which was made in Great Britain, and has a beautifully luxurious heavy weight to it….. I am still yet to try it on, as if I do, I know I will want to keep it!


I’d like to think that maybe in my wildest dreams I could achieve the nonchalant elegance of Carey Mulligan in this recent Harper’s Bazaar shoot……


Pleated skirts sprang back into fashion from the depths of our mum’s wardrobes a couple of years ago with the ‘Carrie’ skirt from Whistles.  But remember, these connotations can only be lost when such a garment is worn effortlessly.  Just ask Carey or Keira Knightley for tips….


These girls have both got what I like to think of as Brit-Style, not really a specific style as such, more a state of mind.

British made clothing reinforces this essence, and buying vintage often means that you can buy garments that were made in the UK, which is something of a rarity in the world of fashion these days.

If you are interested in what d’Burgin Fox are selling, and where, you can keep updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

E x