Out on the Tiles…..

I have long been interested in colour, and even wrote my dissertation on the use of colour in architecture, and how it could relate to mood…..I would explain in more depth, but the title and indeed my conclusions, of course, completely escape me now!

But colour is very important to me in the clothes I wear, and my home surroundings, as is pattern – equally so, I think.

So I love spotting  hidden glimpses of colour and pattern in slightly unexpected places….

I had to snap these painted tiles in Kings Cross a couple of months ago….on the side of a dull concrete office building, I wondered who had made the decision to use such beautiful, but out of place tiles to try and brighten things up a bit….

IMG_20130520_144912They wouldn’t of looked out of place in Marrakech,  where I did have the pleasure of visiting a few years ago with two much-loved friends.  Whilst we found some things about the city a little tough to get to grips with, we all fell in love with how other-worldly it felt, compared to the London we had left behind a few hours ago.  The main Medina, the evening food market, the palace walls and the snake charmers….it almost felt like we had walked into a film set.

My very dear friend Jo pours us some Mint Tea in Marrakech.

Back in London, I took this shot when I realised I had somehow managed to coordinate myself with the tiled floor whilst at a Vintage event at Shoreditch Town Hall!


By the way, the shoes are from my favourite brand, F-Troupe.

They are a small company, with a super quirky shop on Marshall Street, just off Carnaby Street – well worth checking out!  I must confess to owning several pairs of F-Troupe shoes, brogues and boots, and find it hard to resist their sales!

I always get asked where these are from whenever I wear them, so now you know.

IMG_20130712_150119And finally, I wanted to share this hidden strip of tiles, which I spotted surrounding around a doorway near my home.

The door-frame had been carelessly painted, but luckily this little hint of pattern and colour survived.

E x


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