Out on the Tiles…..

I have long been interested in colour, and even wrote my dissertation on the use of colour in architecture, and how it could relate to mood…..I would explain in more depth, but the title and indeed my conclusions, of course, completely escape me now!

But colour is very important to me in the clothes I wear, and my home surroundings, as is pattern – equally so, I think.

So I love spotting  hidden glimpses of colour and pattern in slightly unexpected places….

I had to snap these painted tiles in Kings Cross a couple of months ago….on the side of a dull concrete office building, I wondered who had made the decision to use such beautiful, but out of place tiles to try and brighten things up a bit….

IMG_20130520_144912They wouldn’t of looked out of place in Marrakech,  where I did have the pleasure of visiting a few years ago with two much-loved friends.  Whilst we found some things about the city a little tough to get to grips with, we all fell in love with how other-worldly it felt, compared to the London we had left behind a few hours ago.  The main Medina, the evening food market, the palace walls and the snake charmers….it almost felt like we had walked into a film set.

My very dear friend Jo pours us some Mint Tea in Marrakech.

Back in London, I took this shot when I realised I had somehow managed to coordinate myself with the tiled floor whilst at a Vintage event at Shoreditch Town Hall!


By the way, the shoes are from my favourite brand, F-Troupe.

They are a small company, with a super quirky shop on Marshall Street, just off Carnaby Street – well worth checking out!  I must confess to owning several pairs of F-Troupe shoes, brogues and boots, and find it hard to resist their sales!

I always get asked where these are from whenever I wear them, so now you know.

IMG_20130712_150119And finally, I wanted to share this hidden strip of tiles, which I spotted surrounding around a doorway near my home.

The door-frame had been carelessly painted, but luckily this little hint of pattern and colour survived.

E x


Voyage of a Discovery.

With a new magpie find, there is an immediate choice to be made.

Is it going to stick around?  Will it be heading straight to a free millimetre of space in my wardrobe, or a predetermined space in the flat?

Or will it be destined for the d’Burgin Fox Vintage event?

Buying things to sell on is a little bit strange upon reflection….it’s not like buying a gift, but that you know that it will never be yours either…..

But then there is the thrill of a ‘good find’ which is infinitely pleasing, whether you are keeping it or not.

And then what happens when it is time to let something go….

Recently, at Old Spitalfields Market we sold a beautiful, sheer embroidered Bolero to a guy from the States.  He had been in London on business for a couple of weeks, so was looking for presents to take home for his teenage kids.  He had been wondering around, and already passed our stall, and almost couldn’t find it again…

But he did, so now this already much-admired garment which had been picked up in Wiltshire, was off to the USA.  Our customer was really interested in the heritage of the piece, as he was keen to get something British for his daughter, but as there was not even a hint of a label inside, I couldn’t offer him any clues, other than that it was more than likely handmade….

BoleroSo after this, I really started appreciating that there was more than just the thrill of discovery, there was also the voyage ever onwards….

On a little tangent, the fabric and structure of the little Bolero, put me in mind of some of the Louis Vuitton dresses from S/S 2013.  Although quite different in style, the sheer peek-a-boo similarities cannot be denied….


Kate Moss for British Vogue June 2013

I’m not generally a girl to follow big name designers, but I absolutely LOVE this collection…it’s so crisp and clean…a truly modern update on sixties style.


So cute!

E x

British Heritage

Another way my beady eye / magpie tendencies are put to good use is with a joint vintage-venture with my ‘other half’.

We both love looking out for second hand clothes we like when we are out & about, but our wardrobes can only take so much! So we decided to buy all of the pieces we liked, and then sell them on at markets and pop up events.

Thus ‘ d’Burgin Fox Vintage ‘ was born.  Our range is essentially clothes we would wear ourselves, but we started to realise that we were both drawn to pieces / brands with a strong British Heritage.  For Fox it was the likes of Fred Perry, Ben Sherman and Lyle & Scott and for me it was lace blouses, tweed skirts, Jaegar, and good old M&S!

One of my favourite items is a long Jaegar pleated skirt, which was made in Great Britain, and has a beautifully luxurious heavy weight to it….. I am still yet to try it on, as if I do, I know I will want to keep it!


I’d like to think that maybe in my wildest dreams I could achieve the nonchalant elegance of Carey Mulligan in this recent Harper’s Bazaar shoot……


Pleated skirts sprang back into fashion from the depths of our mum’s wardrobes a couple of years ago with the ‘Carrie’ skirt from Whistles.  But remember, these connotations can only be lost when such a garment is worn effortlessly.  Just ask Carey or Keira Knightley for tips….


These girls have both got what I like to think of as Brit-Style, not really a specific style as such, more a state of mind.

British made clothing reinforces this essence, and buying vintage often means that you can buy garments that were made in the UK, which is something of a rarity in the world of fashion these days.

If you are interested in what d’Burgin Fox are selling, and where, you can keep updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

E x

What started it all…..

…or at least what really started me thinking about furniture and the whole look of a room was finding this 50′s / 60′s drinks cabinet.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, as they say, and this piece of treasure was waiting for me on Iliffe Street in South London (where 1930s London was briefly recreated back in 2009 to film some outdoor scenes for The King’s Speech) and couldn’t believe my eyes!
A friend came to the rescue and helped me get it home, and I found that after years of living in rented accommodation with pretty basic furniture, its arrival inspired me to take more pride my room, although my ‘interior-style’ was a bit of a mish-mash!
Years later, the cabinet resides in our slightly 60′s tinged living room, and everything has else has fallen into place.
Growing up, I always loved Del Boy’s drinks cabinet in his Peckham flat, and I’m quietly pleased that such an unlikely (but much loved) character from my childhood has influenced my grown-up style.

Incidentally, above ‘Del’ hangs a print from the amazing Dorothy collective – ‘The Colour of Popular Music’ which is essentially a colour chart naming 154 bands & artists  with a colour in their title.

Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_newDorothy_0034_Colour of Music_b

The graphic shape of the colour chart really fits in with the sixties essence in the room, and of course hints at our love of music.

  E x

PS:  Earlier today I spotted their latest work, an astrological map of Hollywood stars and movies, and I absolutely love it, especially the ‘Golden Age’ limited edition version!

DOROTHY_Star Chart Golden Age_Limited Edition_Close Up A

It is both beautiful, and incredibly clever.

First post from the Magpie.

And so it begins….my very own blog!

I have been hesitant to start one, as they often have an overriding tendency to be smug and annoying, and also, just to clear things up, I will not be posting endless pictures of myself and ‘what I’m wearing today’….

What I hope to achieve is a little glimpse through the eye of a magpie, as I share the pleasure of discoveries I make here and there, and what becomes of them.

So the picture is really just to sum up feeling a little bit like Alice, not so much through the looking glass, but rather on a voyage of intriguing discoveries….